Meeting Direction

A tool that allows you to define the type of meeting. Conduct the event without direction or let Concilium take care of it.

Directed by

A complete direction of the meeting from a single location. Concilium provides you with the tools to be a director in all respects: start and stop of the meeting, control of microphones, opening and closing of voting, and so much more .


Run your meetings without using a direction. There is no speech control in this mode, but it is possible to establish only the number of open micropohones.

Drawing Attention
The Agenda
Is displayed on monitors, streaming, remote links, and meeting minutes. It includes the typology of the discussion - such as board resolution, motion, the amendment - and the time allocated for the debate on the topic. If the subject has sub-points, the user can access the submenu of the agenda containing all the additional details. The agenda can be edited in real-time - even during the meeting - to add new miscellaneous topics discussed during the session or any amendments.
A voting button separates the votes made from those not carried out. If the voting has already been carried out, the results of the last poll are available. Otherwise, the attendees can proceed with the vote after verifying that the type of voting is correct. Once the voting is open, it is possible to decide whether to appeal to those present or proceed directly to the vote.The microphone bases will light up with the voting text - in a language based on the microphone's settings - while the Concilium app will show a pop-up with the same voting choices for remote participants. All ratings will be displayed on the monitors according to the configured settings. Once the voting is closed, the monitors will show a graph with the results based on the voting settings and what the voters expressed.
Upon reservation of the speakers, Concilium allows to grant the floor, cancel the request or pause a speech in progress. These actions will open or close the microphones of the bases and apps without distinction, and the intervention time, already set to the default values of the talking point, can be changed if necessary. Setting the time only requires a click on the presets already visible on the panel. When a speaker receives the right to speak, the cameras connected to the system will automatically frame his station without any manual intervention, creating a fully automatic live event.
The view of the room shows the participants, those present, the voting rights, information relating to the quorum set for the session. Concilium allows you to register, let participants in, expel them from the meeting or give them the floor even when not requested by the delegate. Further details relating to the participant, such as proxies, weights, right to vote, are available by clicking on the participant's details.
The video walls and maxi screens can be placed inside the meeting room or outside to communicate a different or limited information set - such as overviews, summaries, preview and meeting status, live videos - in real-time. They can be graphically configured at will or by using templates for the most common uses.

The institution's logo

The main details of the session, date and time, information about the topic (open/closed/break).

Invited participants placed and arranged

on the 2D map of the meeting room identified by different colors and graphic badges describing the delegate type.

The video of the users connected remotely

with the possibility of self-selection of the speaker based on speech, grid view or pointed on the speaker, and selection of the microphone and the camera among those available in the system.

The results of the voting and who requests the floor

who is holding the floor, the photo and video of the speaker, the time, and the group or role they belong to.

The modalities of oration

single and debate. In both cases, it is possible to see how much of the allotted time is left.

Status of the session: to be started, paused, or ended.