The Concilium App

The Concilium app is available for Android and iOS and is compatible with phones and tablets. The app automatically connects to the customer's cloud instance with the credentials defined in the control panel. A double authentication or biometric authentication access guarantees the security of the highest standards. The dashboard allows direct access to meetings, including future ones, to independently review the documents published for the event or to access personal documents shared in the cloud. Once in the meeting, presence is given, the attendees can access the video conference, follow the live broadcast and perform a series of action:

Ask to speak and see the details of the session

The Concilium app allows you to authenticate your presence, view the details of the meeting - such as the agenda, the topic currently being discussed, the participants - and request the floor. When speaking, your webcam video becomes the live speaker for everyone to see.

Send messages to the meeting participants

in real-time. With Concilium, you can communicate with a single attendee by sending a personal note, or you can text many attendees simultaneously by sending multiple messages. You can also send attachments - such as documents that need amendments or other files.

Check the meeting agenda

Take notes on the documents, request amendments on published documents or items on the agenda.

Approve requests for changes

through a task manager and approval flows. Officially amend documents by adding, correcting, or deleting information in real-time. Concilium will automatically add the event to the agenda, generate a PDF, and send it to the signatories. If signed, the document goes on to vote.

Access the archive of all old meetings

All the meetings’ history is available in one place. Browse them or search them by keyword.


When it’s time to vote, the Concilium app will show the remote participants a pop-up with the same voting choices as the in-person participants.

Participate in the event remotely

or also listen to the audio of the participants in distributed mode.
Other features include search filters on the history, library of documents that the institution makes available, graphic annotations on documents, sharing notes with other members of the meeting.

Download the app