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An innovative digital meeting manager for councils and company meetings providing remote participation, conference camera control and eVoting


Customizable Room Layout

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Video wall or maxi screens

Vote certification


Automatic meeting minute

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Bosch dicentis system

We are proud to announce that Concilium is an official integration partner of Bosch

Easy meeting preparation

A tool for organizing different events - such as councils, board of directors, and other corporate governance meetings - accessible by the administrative staff who organize meetings daily.
All the participants can access the meeting agenda and edit it live to add new items such as notes on any amendments or miscellaneous topics discussed during the meeting and not initially present in the agenda to produce a complete minute of the event.
With Concilium, you can customize the layout of the room where the meeting will be hosted for an optimal arrangement of the monitors and the association of the stations to the participants.
The meeting participants can be added manually or automatically through a CSV or an SSO protocol - such as AD, LDAP, Shibboleth - to import information such as personal data, right to vote, priority, or VIP user, group and role membership, access method.
Concilium generates instant reports about the meeting, including the current participants and the events that occurred - such as logging in, logging out, and voting - even on an hourly basis.

Meeting direction

A tool that allows you to define the type of meeting. Conduct the event without direction or let Concilium take care of it.
Run your meetings without using a direction. There is no speech control in this mode, but it is possible to establish only the number of open microphones.
A complete direction of the meeting from a single location. Concilium provides you with the tools to be a director in all respects: start and stop of the meeting, control of microphones, opening and closing of voting, and so much more.

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Adopted and trusted by the Italian and Swiss public administration, Concilium is a must for the most exclusive and elegant meeting rooms and to execute an elaborate summit.